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Four Queer and Trans Affirming Organizations to Support This Holiday Season

Why support charities that don’t support queer and trans people when you can support the ones that do? We will be going in depth into a very well-known holiday charity with a history of anti LGBTQ sentiments so stay tuned! Today, we want to focus on amazing folks that are fighting the good fight.

1. The TranSanta Project

Co-founded by Pose star Indya Moore, TranSanta is a social media gift giving campaign. A press release from the organizers have this to say about TranSanta: “The goal of the campaign is to show young trans people that they are loved, supported, and have a family around the country and the world of people who will care for them during the holidays. Transness is so beautiful and we are celebrating our magic!” To support TranSanta and their work follow them on Instagram.

2. National Black Justice Coalition

The National Black Justice Coalition is a civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black LGBTQ+ people, including those who are living with HIV/AIDS. Their mission is to end homophobia, racism, and stigma that exists against LGBTQ+ people.

The need for NBJC is stronger than ever. Without authentic, meaningful representation and active participation from the African American LGBTQ/SGL community, our equality cannot be positioned effectively within the broader civil rights context that it deserves. You can donate or fundraise for this incredible organization here: National Black Justice Coalition

3. Queer Appalachia

Queer Appalachia celebrates queer voices from Appalachia and the South. Their website states the following: “Queer Appalachia is an artist collective. Anyone is welcome at our table regardless of addiction status, mental health, socioeconomic status, identity, race or how "out" you are. When we use hashtags like #nooneisdisposable, it's not marketing or branding.”

“We invite anyone to work alongside us. For far too long, depictions of these regions have been white-washed and have made invisible the communities of color that live and struggle alongside us. We acknowledge the necessity for our work to not emulate these patterns and seek that both the project and its contributors accurately and appropriately reflect our diverse community.” Follow them on Instagram and check out their amazing merch store.

4. Transilient

We Are Transilient is a multi media project that documents the day to day lives of trans and gender nonconforming people. "The project attempts to humanize, educate and destroy the assumption that trans folks are solely defined by their physical experience and their oppression. To bring about understanding and tackle transphobia we aim to weave transgender lives into the overall human experience instead of merely focusing on the transition. Our objective is to create a platform that is informative to all people, in and out of the trans community."

This project was founded by Basil Soper, a Southern man of trans experience who is currently obtaining his Master's Degree from New York University. You can follow Transilient's incredible work here: Transilient (


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