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GA Lawmaker Park Cannon Released After Being Arrested for Protesting Gov. Kemp's Voting Law

Yesterday (March 25) , Governor Brian Kemp signed into law what activist and journalist Shaun King calls "the single worst new law on voting rights in America.’

Videos of the incident show Rep. Cannon, a Black queer woman who was the youngest Georgia representative in history when she took office at the age of 24 in 2016, being handcuffed by Georgia State Patrol officers after she knocked on the door of Governor Brian Kemp’s office while he was inside signing a bill restricting voter rights.

Watch Below:

“Not a woman or single person of color in sight as Georgia’s Governor just signed a 90 page bill into law rolling back voting rights all over the state. They literally made it illegal to give people water as they wait in line to vote,” King said on Instagram.

King showed footage of Representative Cannon’s arrest, saying, “INFURIATING. Police just arrested Georgia State Representative Park Cannon FOR NOTHING. She was inside of the Capitol, during the legislative session, and literally just knocked on the door of the Governor.”

“Nothing more. And they did this. That’s after the Governor just signed the worst anti-voting bill in modern history.” King concludes his post by encouraging people to follow his nonprofit, Grassroots Law Project, an origination dedicated tackling situations like this one head on.

Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Representative Cannon was released from jail, and she took to social media to let everyone know, and express her thanks:

Representative Cannon said in a post on Instagram earlier today, “we are tired, we are joyful, we are humbled, we are resilient, we are buoyed by your support. There is nothing we cannot do with the power of community, from the halls of Congress to the GA House, to the ballot drop box that we will fight to keep on corner of your street. Team RPC is resting today so we can fight again tomorrow.” #freepark#sb202


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