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Galentine's Day: A Day of Celebrating Women's Solidarity and Friendship

New York Times website

Move over, Valentine's Day! There's a new day trending, and it's called Galentine's Day. This day is hardly a new concept for fans of the TV show Parks and Recreations. For those who aren't familiar, the concept became a trend during season two of the show when Amy Poehler's character, Leslie, threw a brunch for her female friends, and gave them gifts.

Fans of the show have gone all out every February 13th to create their very own Galentine's celebrations by blending things related to the show with their own ideas. Ones that tend to offer something more carefree and laid back than Valentine's Day can be at times.

Another element to the festivities is no men. “I just like to be around girls and have no guys here,” said law school student Tiffany Alves to the New York Times. “I feel like you can take pictures and drink and eat and dance, and they’re not going to judge you.”

Michael Shur, creator of Parks and Recreations said, "Anytime anything you write sort of penetrates this disparate culture that we’re in and catches on and sort of is echoed back to you, that’s delightful."

So #Gayes what are your thoughts on Galentine's Day? Do you like the idea of Valentine's Day alternatives?


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