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Gay Man Forced by In-laws to Dress as a Woman on Wedding Day

Roy Singh, interviews with Mail Online to describe his tragic and suicidal love story of being a gay man-forced woman. Roy tells the news that he was in a five year relationship with his ex-husband before they decided to get married. He moved to London with his fiance's family who gave him a stipulation to their union. The in-laws did not want the community to know that their son was gay, and so Roy was told that he would need to dress up as a woman and play the convincing role in front of 450 guests.

But it did not stop there. Roy was made to do domestic chores for about 18 hours a day and was once locked in a closet for over-salting food. He was made to cook meals three times a day but was not allowed to eat himself because his mother-in-law said he was too fat to pass as a woman. He lost weight by being given a meager diet of weetabix and smoothies daily. He was hardly allowed to go to the bathroom, and the mother-in-law forced Roy to dress as a woman 24-7. Roy was given the name "Lucky" by her and introduced as her daughter-in-law.

Roy tells Mail Online that the family was trying to strip away his manhood. Roy's own family stopped speaking to him after seeing his wedding on Facebook and he was hardly allowed to see his husband. After nine months, Roy ran away and chose to become homeless.

Roy eventually slit his wrists in an attempt of suicide after hearing that his ex husband was to marry again - this time to a woman. He was rescued by a passerby and taken back in by his parents. Now Roy performs drag with the name "Lucky" in order to turn the tides of his life. Watch the video to hear him tell his story via the: Mail Online.


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