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Craig "It's Above Me Now" Brooks Apologizes for Transphobic Tweets

Picture by Craig Brooks via Twitter

On Monday, we reported viral sensation Craig "It's Above Me Now" Brooks. Brooks was the hotel clerk who went viral after his was disrespectfully called a "fucking nigger" while on the phone with a customer trying to book a reservation. When the customer came to the front desk he recorded their conversation. His responses to the customers ridiculous attempt to still book a room after their racists remarks landed him 15 minutes of fame. Mr. #ItsAboveMe has been trending on Twitter for the last 48 hours and hence brought out some of Brooks skeletons.

As quick as the LGBT community hired Brooks for standing up against racism, they fired him just as fast when his past transphobic tweets from 2017 surfaced. Brooks, who is gay, made it very clear that he didn't agree with transgenders and sex change.

"Im gay, Im sinning already . But ya'll trans people are on another level that I just cant get with. Ya'll playing with God changing sex, " said Brooks

Along with the above tweet comes a dozen more that clearly shows hateful and ignorant discretion towards the trans community.

Twitter's LGBT community had quite a few things to say about Brooks transgender comments.

"How ironic... now you’re on the other side of the counter, and the Trans Community you wildly disrespected, is referring you to the Best Western next door. It would be poetic, were it not so damn sad."

Yet, instead of issuing an apology Brooks actually started making fun of people who were offended. He went a step further and capitalized on his new fame by even making shirts that read, "It's above me now."

After even more backlash, and people trying to get him fired, Brooks issued an apology via Facebook that many are feeling is very insincere.

"I understand as a gay man my comments were wrongful and my views on an isolated group of individuals is no excuse to make a blanket statement about ALL trans people. The harmful tweets were about 2 years ago, and earlier this year I went to social to attack someone else who I felt wronged me. In a moment of anger I made my tweets, and today instead of stopping and reading what the community has said, I got upset and retaliated (not the correct answer, but a force of habit). I am just a normal person who went to work yesterday to do my job, I had no idea that today I would wake up with all this of this attention. Since my rude comments in the past my trans friend and gay cousin have both spoken to me about how my words have hurt people. For that I am truly sorry…. Just as I have said “its above me now” my past statements are as well. All I can do is genuinely apologize and change my behavior. I am truly sorry. With love and light." said Brooks

In the comments many are backfiring his famous line, " It's above me now" in response to his apology. They're patiently waiting for his time to be up in the limelight. Hopefully next time individuals will remember tweets are forever so tweet respectfully.

Do you think it's wrong to buy Brooks shirts since he has hurt the trans community?


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