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Janet Jackson Presents Rihanna's First Fenty Award at the 2019 British Fashion Awards

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On Monday , Rihanna and her fashion house Fenty was presented with the Urban Luxe Award at the 2019 British Fashion Awards when her pop inspiration Janet Jackson appeared on stage to present her with the honor. Though surprised, CEO and Creative Director Robyn Rihanna Fenty showed up wearing custom Fenty as she became the first black woman to accept the award.

Getty Images

Janet Jackson has always been one of Rihanna's musical inspirations. But what makes this moment even more special is that you have two iconic pop divas celebrating each other's success .

In an interview with MTV, Rihanna stated that her musical inspirations were “Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston — they were the people who motivated me to do this, who I idolized and looked up to, and said I want to be like them,” she told MTV almost 10-years-ago. “That started the dream, and it just went from there, and became a reality.”

Congratulations Riri for winning your first-ever fashion award, and thank you for including the #gayes in your journey. We stan an ally!


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