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Judge Eboni K. Williams Reveals She Will Be Pregnant This Fall Amid Discussion of "Black Excellence"

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Eboni K. Williams on Surface Level Podcast (Hosts Jordan Randall, Tony Jermin, Damon Epps)
Eboni K. Williams on Surface Level Podcast (Hosts Jordan Randall, Tony Jermin, Damon Epps)

Judge Eboni K. Williams dropped a huge update on her single motherhood journey during her recent interview on the “Surface Level Podcast”. Amid a thought-provoking discussion about why Black excellence is a scam with hosts Tony Jermin and Jordan Randall, Williams shared she would be undergoing an embryo transfer this fall.

While quickly dropping the baby news, she unpacks why black single motherhood is often not placed in the category of “Black excellence” because of the absence of dual parenting and the stigma of economic challenges black single motherhood is often associated with.

“Then enter me who’s about to enter into my own second generation of single motherhood…I have an embryo transfer scheduled for this fall…would most people consider it quote “black excellence”? Probably not pursuant to the narratives that we attach to it.”

Eboni K. Williams on Surface Level Podcast discussing Black excellence
Surface Level Podcast EP 707 (Screenshot)

“But I just want yawl to just look…and I want you to take a gander as to the experience that I intend to in part on my child. And then I would challenge anyone, black, white, male, straight, gay, otherwise - to think that it would be anything short of the optimal opportunities an American child should be availed.”

Williams first shared her announcement of becoming a single parent on her podcast "Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams" and later during a February 2023 appearance on "The View", in which she shared she paid extra to have a "known donor".

"At 18 my future child, god willing, will be able to know the name, identity, and last known location of their father," Williams said on The View.

Now, the Real Housewives of New York's first Black housewife has shared on the gay version of The View that we can expect her to be pregnant later this year, without the struggle of course.

“What would it look like if we challenged that...if we said single motherhood doesn't have to be a struggle story? If we said Blackness doesn't have to be a subordinate narrative? If we said whiteness doesn't have to equate excellence...what happens when we blow all of that shit up?..."

Congratulations Eboni! We know you will be a wonderful mommy! "Equal Justice with Judge Eboni K. Williams" will come to television this fall under Byron Allen's Media Group The Grio Television Network! Check your local listings.

Watch Eboni K. WIlliams' full discussion on the Surface Level Podcast Below:

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