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Jussie Smollett Could Face New Charges, Judges Hires New Prosecutor

Gayes, it looks like this Jussie Smollett case is still going. A Chicago judge recently ordered a special prosecutor to review the way prosecutors handled the case, which could ultimately result in him obtaining new charges despite his 16 felony counts being dropped for allegedly faking a homophobic mugging.

The judge said in his order, "If reasonable grounds exist to further prosecute Smollett, in the interest of justice the special prosecutor may take such action."

The judge used a weird metaphor to describe the mishandling of the case, "There was no master on the bridge to guide the ship as it floundered through unchartered waters. And it ultimately lost its bearings."

In short this means he blames State Attorney Kim Foxx for mishandling the case since she had to recuse herself after making inappropriate comments about the case.

Foxx has since responded to the judge's statements with, "I respectfully disagree with the court's conclusion that, in the absence of any conflict, the appointment of a special prosecutor is required. As always, I remain committed to transparency, justice, and the public safety of the communities we serve."

Do you think Jussie will eventually be charged, again, perhaps even persecuted?


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