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Jussie Smollett's "B-Boy Blues" to Debut on BET+ for Pride Month, Film Airs June 9th

Actor and activist Jussie Smollett will finally be able to air his first-ever directed film "B-Boy Blues" to the masses. BET+ has picked his book adaption of James Earl Hardy's “B-Boy Blues,” which will debut on the streamer on June 9 during Pride Month.

Mona Scott-Young and her company Monami Entertainment has joined the film as a producer and was instrumental in getting the deal done with BET+, according to Variety.

“Through our content slate, we are intentional about representing the fullness of the Black experience, including that of the LGBTQ+ community,” said BET+ exec VP/GM Devin Griffin. “‘B-Boy Blues’ is an artful, heart-rending film about the complexity of love – something we all can relate to.”

Jussie SMollett's B-boy blues film picked up by BET+, stars timothy richardson and thomas mackie
Timothy Richardson (right) & Thomas Mackie (left)

Gaye Magazine previously and exclusively reported on the premiere screening of "B-Boy Blues" in New York, talking to lead actor Timothy Richardson who plays Mitchell Crawford about his experience working with Jussie Smollett as a director.

“Jussie is the definition of art. He understood this script from front cover to the end. He poured so much of himself into it and his level of focus to tell this story is something that fueled not just me as an actor but the entire crew," Richardson began.

"I told him once, ‘this feels like a paid internship just being able to watch you work and seeing your passion for this art.’ You couldn’t help but leave that experience not only being renewed but understanding that there’s just no way I can go back to my old self. Being around someone that functions at such a high frequency only raises your bar easily and that’s the type of energy you want to radiate yourself. Jussie was just—absolutely amazing.”

Now, fans of the book will be able to witness the pages on screen.

Mona Scott-Young issued shared her thoughts on the film being picked up by BET+: “B-Boy Blues is a beautifully bold, funny, heartwarming bro-mance and I was thrilled to partner with Jussie to help this wonderful film gain greater exposure,” Young said.

“Falling head over heels and fighting for love are universal emotions and experiences and we are so grateful to BET+ for shining a powerful spotlight on the still seriously underrepresented black LGBTQ+ community and bringing this impactful love story to an even greater audience.”

“B-Boy Blues” is the film adaptation of James Earl Hardy’s novel, and stars Timothy Richardson (“David Makes Man”), Ledisi (“Selma”), Brandee Evans (“P-Valley”), Heather B (“The Real World”), Marquise Vilson (“Tom Swift”), Jabari Redd (“Goals”), Broderick Hunter (“Insecure”) and Thomas Mackie.


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