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Activist Dominique Morgan Becomes First Living Trans Woman to be Honored with a Street Name

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(Source: Trans Justice Funding Project)

Despite the times, Gaye history continues to be made!

This past week, the Omaha City Council voted unanimously to approve a commemorative street renaming in recognition of Dominique Morgan, a prison abolitionist advocate who focuses on the rights of incarcerated and LGBTQ+ people.

From this acclamation, Omaha, Nebraska native Dominique Morgan is making history in both the U.S. and globally as the only living trans woman and the first Black openly transgender woman to receive this honor. Morgan is also the first formerly incarcerated person to receive this honor in Nebraska's 156-year history.

In an official naming ceremony on July 31, 2023 the city of Omaha, Nebraska renamed 25th & Taylor to "Dominique Morgan Street" in honor of her.

(Source: Omaha City Council)

(Source: Ariel Panowicz of Ariel Panowicz Creative)

“There is something incredibly moving about the idea that young Black folks will walk down a street in a historically Black neighborhood named after a Black trans woman” - Dominique Morgan

Although Dominique Morgan is certainly a trailblazer, her journey did not come without hardship. Incidentally, at 12 years old, Morgan was detained in a police car and entered into the juvenile system for the very first time on the same street that is now being named in her honor.

In her late teens, she had to navigate homelessness and at 18 was arrested for ‘survival crimes’. After graduating high school, she served 8 ½ years in the Nebraska Department of Corrections with 18 months in solitary confinement.

However, Morgan remained resilient and persevered through her obstacles. After her time in prison, she worked as an adolescent health educator for Charles Drew, served as the first Black president of Heartland Pride, and was the executive director of Omaha-based nonprofit organization Black & Pink, which is currently the largest prison abolitionist organization providing housing and direct support to formerly incarcerated LGBTQ+ people.

Pulling from her lived experience within carceral systems and her extensive work in artistry, advocacy, and public health, Morgan works in spaces of sex education, radical self-care, and transformative youth development to dismantle the very same systems such as the prison industrial complex that regularly enact violence on LGBTQ+ communities.

Currently, she holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University and as the Director of the Fund for Trans Generations at Borealis Philanthropy, is one of the first Black trans women to lead a multi-million dollar philanthropic fund.

trans woman honored with her own street name in omaha, nebraska
(Source: Ariel Panowicz of Ariel Panowicz Creative)

“This moment is important because it is a declaration to the world that the existence of trans people is non-negotiable. And for every queer and trans person who walks down Dominique Morgan Street, they will know that no matter where their story began, they will get to determine where their story ends.” - Dominique Morgan

Morgan has more than proven herself to be an exemplar of dedication, service, and action. We look forward to seeing her bright future shine as she continues the good work. Congratulations!

Check out the news coverage on the street naming:


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