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Trans Filmmaker Lex Kennedy Pushes For Positive Narratives About Black Transgender Men

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Making our way in a world that’s slow to progression and change takes patience. For LGBTQ filmmaker Sir Lex Kennedy, he’s patient and yearns to learn as much he can to craft the best films possible. More importantly, he’s also determined to change how black transgender lives are portrayed in the media.

As a transgender man himself, Kennedy has faced certain adversities in life that have impacted his job opportunities, schooling and even using public amenities. Though, his biggest hurdle has been society’s negative view on the lives of black transgender people. The Los Angeles City College graduate wants to change the game. With the creation of his next film projects, Kennedy hopes to put a more positive spin on the lives of black transgender men and people.

A story can’t take shape unless the writer takes a chance on the piece. During an exclusive interview with ABC for their Our America series, the star explained the premise of the film in brief; the project will feature a black transgender man in a loving relationship.

Of course, his short description reads like a romance story. Not to mention, it sheds a more positive view on the transgender community. Unfortunately, for Kennedy, stories like this come a dime a dozen.

The activist and artist knows that all too often black transgender people are often taken for granted. Unfortunately, his community is often treated as invisible. Furthermore, Kennedy tells ABC, “I feel like it's essential as a Black trans masculine person that I own my own story because we're invisible.” In particular, Kennedy believes the healthcare system ignores the transgender community, given that “millions of gender diverse individuals have unique health care needs, including anatomy cancer screening tests.”

Furthermore, the statistics made Kennedy consider if his life is less important now versus when in death. Looking toward the positive, it’s these societal advertises that give Kennedy the drive and determination he needs to promote his film project. “I feel like so often trans folks don't get to be seen, loved on, right until our death, and it is important that we are loved on in life," he further explained during the exclusive.

In addition to creating positive stories about the lives of transgender people, Kennedy also hopes to offer a safe space for them. With conviction dripping in his voice, the filmmaker stated that he’ll make it his life’s mission to employ and offer fair pay to every queer person. Clearly, Lex Kennedy wants to help the amplify the voices of the ignored.

Via Fly Earth Photography

While the activist has all the confidence in the world about his film project, he has yet to finance it properly. Even back in 2020, Kennedy struggled to promote and more importantly, fund his RETROS film. On Kennedy’s GoFundMe campaign, the LGBTQ filmmaker had the initial marker at $30,000. Unfortunately, he only reached $7,319.

Kennedy even posted that he started filming the RETROS movie back in March 18, 2020. In spite of the not reaching his goal right away, Kennedy still remains hopeful about his newest project. Luckily, the aspiring filmmaker has the support of friends and even his partner, Renee, who’s been with him for 9 years. With so many people backing him up, his newest film project will become reality in no time.

Lex Kennedy’s 2020 RETROS and his latest film project may be off to a slow start. However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t accomplished so much already. The activist studied Comparative Women’s Studies and Film at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. Additionally, he enrolled into the film program at the Los Angeles City College to finish his studies.

Bright-eyed and bursting with talent, Kennedy went on to direct several short films at film festivals such as Campus MovieFest, Newfest, Fusion and Outfest. Adding to his already impressive film resume, Kennedy completed a Sound Fellowship for DISCLOSURE, a documentary that premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Kennedy even produced and assisted directed the film short, Edible. With so many successful film projects under his belt, Lex Kennedy clearly is a force to be reckoned with.

With his latest film project and others to come, Kennedy will make an even bigger impact. Given his drive, Kennedy’s mission to create more positive stories about black transgender people will more than likely become a reality.

To donate to Kennedy's GoFundMe click here.


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