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Lil Nas X Makes His First Guest Feature on Nonbinary Artist Skaiwater's New Single "Light!"

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Last week, nonbinary UK artist Skaiwater released their new single “Light!” collaborating with producer 9lives & global star Lil Nas X, marking The “J Christ” rapper’s first ever feature five years into his mainstream career. 

Directed by Erik Rojas, the audience is taken to a virtual realm where both artists are presented as playable characters. The vibe of the entire video is dark, angsty, and fashion forward. Experiencing the street, monochromatic aesthetic of the stars as well as the additional models as the aforementioned “playable characters” makes one feel as though they’re in equal parts music video and runway. 

The message of the song is laid out clearly as a (fun) healthy dose of vitriol directed towards exes that did them wrong. While laying out their feelings, they simultaneously empower themselves moving on, hopefully towards their next love. The single has been met with praise online, particularly for Lil Nas X’s fluid delivery on his feature debut.

(Source: Rolling Stone)

Although this is the first collaboration between the two artists at this level, this is not the first time they have worked together. According to Rolling Stone, Lil Nas X and Skaiwater both met virtually through online music communities and from there the two created a song together titled “No Love” in 2018. Skaiwater also has producer credits on Lil Nas X’s 2020 Christmas single, “Holiday”, and supported him on the European leg of “The Long Live Montero Tour” in 2022. 

Lil Nas X gave a shoutout on X to Skaiwater following the release of “light!’:

“Can’t believe this my first time featuring on a song, back in 2018 skai was the first artist to work with me, so this a real full circle moment. and i’m so excited to watch her grow as a musician and a person! FUCK WHOEVER DON’T FUCK WITCHU! wuv u skaiwater” 

Gayes, what did y’all think of the new single as well as the upcoming nonbinary talent Skaiwater? 


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