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Lil Nas X Updates Fans to Appear in Court Over "Satan Shoes" Lawsuit, Jokes About Going To Jail

Celebrities are known for their talents as well as their social media antics. Lil Nas X, now hailed as the master of social media, knows every promotional tactic to sell music. Though, he’s also a master at trolling people.

Recently, the “MONTERO” singer offered an “update” on his upcoming court case regarding his Satan Shoes. The Grammy award winning rapper is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow, Monday (July 19). Rather than trembling in a corner somewhere, the rapper decided to turn it into a comedic-trolling session with fans through a few TikTok videos, making it known that he isn’t losing any sleep over this court case.

Back in March 29, New York art collective MSCHF happily told CNN via email that the “limited edition drop off 666 pairs of shoes sold out under a minute.” The sneakers were created in collaboration with Lil Nas X and the art collective themselves. Unwisely, they used Nike’s Air Max 97’s despite the sportswear company removing themselves entirely from the project.

According to several sources, the shoes featured a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross and a drop of real human blood. As if the red and black sneakers needed anymore signage referencing biblical themes, they contained a passage from Luke 10:18 that read “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.”

Crazily enough, the shoes sold for a whooping $1,018 a pair. Everyone from Miley Cyrus and Trippie Redd has sported the kicks. Not only were celebrities paying customers, but so were fans.

Though, not everyone raved about the shoes, especially Nike, the famous shoe wear brand sued the art collective MSCHF for selling “unauthorized Satan Shoes” in collaboration with Lil Nas X. Nike detailed several issues with the company’s usage of the shoes, but their biggest problem involved the drop of human blood contained in every pair.

The company considered it a “safety concern” and noted that it was bad for business, especially after having received so much backlash. Eventually, the two reached a settlement back in April, where MSCHF agreed to do a recall to buy back all “unofficially” sold Satan Shoes. It seemed after that, the whole situation had been put to rest.

However, Lil Nas X’s latest TikTok video suggests they’re not out of the woods yet. On July 16th, “The Sun Goes Down” rapper took to TikTok to tell fans that despite upcoming court appearance on Monday, his “label still wants him to make TikTok videos.”

On the TikTok video posted to his Instagram, the rapper attempts to dance with tears in his eyes but fails when he buries his head, seemingly “breaking down” on social media. Most fans dismissed his actions as all a part of a joke, but Lil Nas X seemingly convinced them otherwise.

Furthermore, the 22-year-old posted in an Instagram story that he was scheduled to make a court appearance on Monday because Nike planned to sue him over the Satan Shoes. The video has received over 1.9 million likes and thousands of comments. No matter if the rapper’s serious or not about going to court over his Satan Shoes, he sure knows how to stir up publicity.

Keeping with the “act”, the rapper then hopped on Twitter asking fans what he should wear for his alleged court appearance. The 22-year-old posted two side by side photos of a man dressed in a hat, long shorts and sneakers. More importantly, the man donned a yellow Minion and Sponge Bob shirt. Overlapping the photos, reads the caption, “Minion or da bob fo today.” Of course, the rapper’s dilemma led throws of fans to respond back with cheeky answers.

While many of them suggested that he just go to court dressed in his Satan Shoes, others cautioned him not “to drop the bar of soap” if he goes to jail. Though, Lil Nas X wasn’t having any of the backlash he received for alluding to going away.

Taking to Twitter once again, the 22-year-old told his fans in the comments section, “Stop telling me not to drop the soap. My body my choice.” Of course, the “Old Town Road” rapper’s comment caused another social media uproar. Many fans commended the artist for standing up to the internet trolls.

We at Gaye Magazine will be sure to keep fans posted on the latest from Lil Nas X’s alleged court case concerning his Satan Shoes.


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