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Meet America's First Potential Black Gay Congressman, Mondaire Jones

Mondaire Jones, 32, is making waves as he vye's for a place in Congress. It would make him America's first black gay congressman.

Mo ndaire grew up in Spring Valley, NY and is running in the 17th District New York. This district is predominantly wealthy and republican, but his nomination would showcase the changing times.

Graduating from Harvard law and working under the Obama administration, Mondaire did not come out until he was 24. He understood that his decision to run as an openly gay candidate would be "hard" and stated, " “Not only had I not yet come to terms with that aspect of myself, but I certainly doubted that other people would be accepting of it..But so much has changed over the past decade, and even over the past five years. Growing up — struggling with my self-acceptance — if I had been able to look to an example like what I would provide, someone who is a respectable individual, an openly gay black man in Congress, life would have been a lot better for me."

Watch Mondaire's campaign below and let us know what you think of the LGBT representative. Be sure to follow Mondaire on Instagram at @mondaireorcongress!


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