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Missouri Trans Woman Nina Pop Stabbed to Death, Police Unable to Determine Motive

On May 3rd in the city of Sikeston, Missouri, 28 year old trans woman Nina Pop was stabbed and murdered. Some LGBTQ+ organizations and advocacy groups are bringing awareness and raising concerns for the hate crimes and murders that plague the community.

Sunday night, Pop’s body was found in her apartment, alone. No arrest has been made. Her family coordinated a vigil to celebrate her life; however, there are no announcements about her funeral arrangements. The young woman worked in a local restaurant and was affectionately adored and cared for by many loved ones.

Police Chief James McMillen shared that the Sikeston Police have yet to determine a motive; yet, will possibility consider her death a hate crime. A part of the investigation, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the southeast Missouri major case squad will assist with the case.

The numbers of murders and killings of Trans women and men are so great, that there are Wikipedia, Advocate, and other pages listing the names of people killed for being Trans.

The Human Rights Campaign has already raised concerns about the murder of Nina Pop and how to protect transgender women of color. Tori Cooper, HRC Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative, shared encouragement about the recent passion of Pop. “We must be outraged by this news and we must channel that outrage into action immediately. These crimes must be reported, investigated and prosecuted. These lives must be mourned, honored and fought for. What we are doing is not enough. HRC mourns alongside all those who know and loved Nina, and we will continue our tireless fight to ensure a future where living one’s truth can never become a death sentence,” Cooper shared.

The killing of Nina pop marks the 10th trans person known to be killed or murdered in the United States. A majority of Trans people murdered are all under the age of 35.

Dustin Parker McAlester, Oklahoma. January 1, 2020. Age 25

Alexa Negron Luciano Toa Baja, Puerto Rico. February 24, 2020. Age 29

Yampi Mendez Arocho Moca, Puerto Rico, March 5, 2020. Age 19

Monica Diamond Charlotte, North Carolina. March 18, 2020. Age 34

Lexi Harlem, New York City, New York. March 28, 2020. Age 33

Johanna Metzger Baltimore, Maryland. April 1, 2020. Age 25

Serena Angelique Velazquezz Puerto Rico. April 22, 2020. Age 32

Layla Pelaez Puerto Rico. April 22, 2020. Age 21

Penélope Díaz Ramírez Puerto Rico. April 13, 2020. Age 31

Nina Pop Sikeston, Missouri. May 3, 2020. Age 28

If you or someone you know has experienced anti-LGBTQ violence, contact the Anti-Violence Project by calling its 24-hour free and confidential hotline at (212) 714-1141, or visit


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