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Nancy Pelosi Holding Out on Sending Articles of Impeachment to Senate to Ensure Fair Trial

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

As we previously reported, Donald Trump has became the third president in the U.S to be impeached.

“December 18th. A great day for the Constitution of the United States,” Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference last night. “I could not be prouder or more inspired by the moral courage of the House Democrats.”

Now, everyone is wondering what’s going to happen next. Namely, how the trial in Senate will turn out. Nancy Pelosi is of the same mindset. The House Speaker has made it clear she has no intention of sending the Senate the articles of impeachment until she knows what process the Senate is planning.

“When we see what they have we’ll know who and how many we’ll send over,” Pelosi said. When she was asked by a reporter what a fair trial would look like to her, the House Speaker replied, “we’ll make a decision as a group, as we always have, as we go along.”

The Speaker’s hesitance isn’t without merit. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, has openly opposed impeachment saying that the House’s case is ‘weak.’ This and other statements McConnell’s made certainly call into question what he told Fox News just a few days ago.

“We'll listen to the arguments that the House managers appointed by Pelosi make,” McConnell said to Brian Kilmeade. In this same interview, McConnell goes on to once again express his disdain over the impeachment process.

Further proof that McConnell is far from impartial came today, he said that he will not be negotiating the terms of the trial with Pelosi. He is also refusing to subpoena Trump’s current and former officials to testify. Instead, he plans on running the trial based on the House’s evidence.

In regards to Pelosi withholding the articles of impeachment, McConnell stated, “It’s beyond me how the speaker and Democratic leader in the Senate think withholding the articles of impeachment and not sending them over gives them leverage.”

Senate Democratic Leader called out McConnell on his bias. “Leader McConnell is plotting the most rushed, least thorough, and most unfair impe--achment trial in modern history.”

Now, it’s a waiting game. Aside from Pelosi’s withholding, the House is adjourning for the year, which means the earliest we could see a trial coming together would be when they return during the week of January 7th.

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