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New Children's Book 'In My Daddy's Belly: The Story of a Transgender Dad Giving Birth' | Book Review

Book Review | Life & Experience

Trans parenthood is parenthood! Published by Bigger Picture Books, "In My Daddy's Belly: The Story of a Transgender Dad Giving Birth” by Logan Brown introduces children to Transgender parents, opening the discussion about growing and the distinctive differences in many families.

This Queer children’s title is inspired by the author’s personal stories and real life, while also supporting children to grow, learn, and develop into kind and understanding adults and people.

From appearing on Glamour UK’s cover to becoming a parent and recent author– this title is a testament of drive, queer love and family. Recently released November of 2023 – throughout this children’s title the constant theme of, “It doesn’t matter what your family looks like, as long as you are safe and loved” is beautifully reiterated.

Author and creative Logan Brown has set a new standard for Queer excellence and parenting. From their shared insight on social media of guiding other Trans and Queer parents to authentic Trans masculine insight and information to support any Queer person along their journey– this children’s title is a must-have.

From its basic facts about transgender dads and queer families, this title amplifies Trans masculine narratives with bold illustrations that share a universal message of love. Family, parenting, and Queerness exist outside and within the marginals of what audiences perceive as normal.

It doesn’t stop there– this title provides interactive questions to help jumpstart the conversation on exploring the Queer spectrum. The book even provides a list of resources to support and care for family-centric transgender charities.

“Non-typical” families are often categorized as other and that identification separates great titles like this from proper circulation.

"In My Daddy's Belly..." amplifies love and the importance that “Our stories are real, our families are real, our love is real.”

Available everywhere, be sure to request or check out In My Daddy's Belly: The Story of a Transgender Dad Giving Birth to further support and amplify the need and want for other Trans and Queer stories.

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Check out author Logan Brown on Instagram or via their official website.


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