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New Film Produced by Hailie Sahar Highlights Gay Serial Killer Ed Buck’s ‘Internalized Homophobia'

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Hailie Sahar (Left) Ed Buck (Right)

A new documentary produced by Pose star Hailie Sahar examines the harrowing murders of Democratic donor Ed Buck. Last July, a Los Angeles jury found Buck guilty of murdering two men—Gemmel Moore, 26, and Timothy Dean, 55.

As we previously reported, police had searched Buck’s apartment and discovered signs of his twisted fantasies. They found boxes of men’s underwear, meth pipes, syringes and sex toys. Buck enjoyed drugging black men and sexually assaulting them.

“Buck’s preference was to personally inject victims, and he pressured or incentivized victims to let him do so, sometimes offering large cash bonuses to coerce a victim to agree to an injection,” according to court papers.

Those who survived Buck’s sadism reported that he saturated their veins with methamphetamine and proceeded to perform sex acts on their limp bodies.

Additionally, Buck recorded his sexual encounters. Police found 1,500 videos containing drug use, some of which featured his victims.

The first victim had been 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, who was found dead on July 27, 2017. Prosecutors revealed that Moore had flown out from Houston to L.A at Buck’s expense. They further shared that Buck had injected Moore with meth, right before his death.

The death of Buck’s second victim, Timothy Dean, was just as horrific. The 55-year-old’s body was discovered by L.A County Sheriff’s Deputy Oscar Palacios back in 2019. According to sources, Dean’s body was found “lying on the floor of Buck’s living room.” He was pronounced dead back in January 7th of that same year.

A press release expounded upon the intent behind the new documentary Beyond Ed Buck, stating that it aims to explore the “internalized homophobia, the psychological root of predatory behaviors, and to provide a deeper exploration of challenges faced by the black and brown LGBTQ+ community.”

Jayce Baron and transgender actress Hailie Sahar, known for her role as Lulu Abundance, coproduced the film. Sahar took to Instagram Tuesday (Feb. 15) to share the news of her debut as a producer.

"I wanted my debut as a producer to be a project with substance. “Society Failed Them. We Won’t.”

She continued, "Bringing forth justice for marginalized black, brown, and trans lives is a huge part of my life‘s mission."

ALLBLK, AMC Networks' streaming service targeting black audiences, announced Tuesday that it will release on February 24th.

Watch the trailer below:


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