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Orlando Brown Address His Past Confession About Nick Cannon Giving Him Oral Sex

Actor and music artist Orlando Brown addressed his previous “confession” he made about Nick Cannon giving him oral sex back in 2020.

The now 34 year old, ex-Disney star claimed in a viral video he posted on Instagram back in January 2020 that “I let Nick suck my d**k and I liked it.”

"Don’t worry about it, Nick. Nick, okay- fine. You want me to tell everybody. You want me to let everybody know what happened- okay, fine. Nick, I let you suck my d*ck, okay? Fine, I’ll say it. I let Nick suck my d*ck, and I liked it. Nick, you sucked my d*ck, but everybody knows you did it as a female.”

Gaye Flashback: "Orland Brown Confesses Nick Cannon Gave Him Head"

In a recent interview on the No Jumper podcast, Orlando was asked by the show's host Adam22 if he regretted anything he said in the past. He initially responded with, “nah, I don’t regret nothing. Every time I’ve said something its been one hundred.”

When Adam asked to clarify his comments about Nick Cannon, Orlando then responded: “I mean out of respect for Nick, bro, I’m gonna just leave that alone. We squashed that, you know what I mean…. I’m looking to be able to push the collectiveness. There’s strength in numbers…..I’m not trying to mess up how that man eat.”

Nick Cannon addressed Orlando’s comments in a previous interview on VLAD TV, denying the claim. However, the "Wild 'N Out" creator initially addressed Orlando’s video in an Instagram post with a lengthy caption.

"When I first saw this I thought it was f--king hilarious!!!!," Cannon began.

"But then after putting a little cognitive effort and analytical thought to the situation, I figured what a great opportunity for a 'teachable moment'! First off let me say I am praying for the young brother Orlando even though I don't really know him personally, I have always loved and enjoyed his talent and have been a fan of his past work. He was f--king brilliant in Major Payne, and had us all laughing on That's So Raven."

"But this is another crucial example of when we allow our young artists to be prematurely exposed by this demonic business and left out to fend for themselves," Cannon continued. "We need better support systems for our youth and take care of our own. I watched various of this young brothers videos and all I see is a cry out for help. So I don't know if there are any real leaders or solid individuals in this young man's life but let's embrace him and tighten him up so he doesn't become another lost victim to these Hollywood circumstances."

Cannon added, "I indeed believe this brother has the God given talent to be on Wildnout but this definitely ain't the way to audition, this actually hurts my heart to see that we have allowed Orlando, along with various other young gifted performers we grew up loving, to just dwindle away after these corporations made their billions off of them. Now due to substance abuse and diagnosed psychiatric disorders our loved ones are now aimlessly begging for the attention they were once given, instead of the help they actually need. All while we sit back and just laugh..."

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