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Popeyes Manager Charged After Slapping Teen Employee for Clocking Out Early

popeyes manager Marquez Jayshown Smith charged for fighting teen employee

20 year old Marquez Jayshown Smith, a manager at a Popeyes in Bainbridge, Georgia has been charged with battery and cruelty to children in the 1st degree after a now-viral video surfaced of him slapping a 17-year-old female employee.

In the video, the two can be seen arguing, reportedly because she began clocking out early from her shift. Smith then slapped her during the argument.

Watch the Video Below: (Viewer Discretion is Advised)

On Twitter, Popeye’s replied to the video: “We’re completely horrified, like the remainder of the general public. The worker accountable for the assault was instantly terminated by the franchisee. We’re working with native authorities and the franchisee to make sure the impacted workforce member has the help she wants to totally get well.”

Smith was arrested on Memorial Day and his subsequent court docket date is scheduled for Sept. 6, 2022.


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