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Popular Atlanta LGBT-Friendly Restaurants, Einstein’s & Joe's on Juniper Closes After 30 Years

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

If you were headed to Midtown for your favorite meal at Einsteins’s, you might be a little disappointed. The LGBT friendly restaurant on Juniper Street has permanently closed. An Adjacent restaurant, Joe’s on Juniper will be closing in October of this year.

According to Atlanta, Metrotainment Cafes Restaurant Group signed a contract for the sale of Einsteins & Joe’s real estate & is now owned by Charleston-based developer, Middle Street Partners. The restaurants will soon be torn down & replaced by two multi-story buildings .

The new buildings will be centered right in the heart of Atlanta, home to a vast majority of the black LGBT community. Regulars of Einsteins & Joes won’t be able to experience a welcoming staff, nice atmosphere and “Blown Away Salmon” according to reviews on Yelp and Google.

The 4.1 star restaurants gave customers a comfort zone before officially saying goodbye on Facebook. (Which soon has been deactivated).

"Thank you for all the memories! We have so loved being a part of your special moments! To our loyal guests, visitors to the city and our amazing employees (past and present), thank you for making Einstein's a special place."

Joe's on Juniper

The Midtown Development Review Committee (DRC) met on Tuesday for a staff meeting, to share their vision for the new LGBT friendly space.

Committee member, Principal Tarver Siebert sees Einstein’s old space at it’s full potential.

“On the whole, the building is pretty handsome…It just needs a little more development at the street level, where it hits the ground.”

Along with Architects principal Ben Hudgins.

“ I agree with you. It’s underdeveloped at the street level at this point…We think that this site in particular because it is right on Juniper street, [the Juniper St. Transition Area] – provides a really great opportunity to do something really nice.”

The Middle Street Partners released new 3D sketch models on What Now Atlanta. The new space drawing shows a pair of towers totaling 470 apartments on a site that Einstein served its LGBT community day in & day out.

The Juniper Street project would span the entire block between 10th and 11th Street. As for the new renovators, they have not confirmed a start or finish date of their new property just yet.

The good news is the space will be available for private events until late October for those seeking areas for rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, corporate events, and more.

Guest of all ages can end their summer on the famous patio in Midtown ! Gayes are you going to visit Midtown one last time?


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