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"Queer Eye" Season 7 to Premiere on Netflix - First Look at Heartfelt Episodes | Exclusive

TV & Film | Exclusive

Queer Eye Season 7 episodes
Queer Eye Season 7 | Courtesy of Netflix

Gayes, grab your beignets! The Fab Five are back and making their way down south to New Orleans.

The Emmy award-winning series "Queer Eye" officially returns with its seventh season on Netflix. This season you can catch The Fab Five continuing their trek across the country to assist several lucky residents in need of a fresh start.

Gaye Magazine got an exclusive look at season seven ahead of its debut and it serves up the same tear-jerking moments from seasons past.

Queer Eye is hosted by five diverse personalities who specialize in specific disciplines, - Antoni Porowski (Food & Wine), Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming), Karamo (Culture), and Tan France (Fashion).

In the first episode of the season, The Fab Five assists a small tight-knit group of fraternity brothers who are looking to build their skills before hosting a major event.

Throughout the episode the guys bond with the fraternity, helping them revamp their looks and unpack their problems among the group and themselves. In one touching scene during the episode, the group gathers around a campfire with Brown and discusses mental health issues among men and their feelings about what they are going through.

Queer Eye Season 7 Episode 1
Queer Eye Season 7 Episode 1 | Courtesy of Netflix

“How often do you guys offer support and have a chance to come together and talk?” Karamo says quizzing the group.

Among the group, Demario shared he was struggling deeply with financial problems despite never telling his friends who seemingly never noticed due to his upbeat personality.

Another of this season's biggest tear-jerkers is episode 3 “Speedy for Life”, where we meet 20-year-old Speedy, a survivor of a tragic car accident that killed his mother and aunt and left him disabled from the chest down.

Queer Eye Season 7 -Speedy  wheelchair
Queer Eye Season 7 -Speedy (Left) Karamo Brown (Right)

In the episode, The Fab Five help the once confident basketball player find his voice and follow his dreams of becoming a motivational speaker. Other season participants include a school teacher looking to find herself love, a sports super fan who struggles to improve her relationship with her wife, a formerly incarcerated woman who advocates for others but is looking to embrace her future, a business owner who is neglecting his girlfriend due to his business, and a selfless farmer who struggles to see his self-worth.

A spin-off of the Bravo show of the same name “Queer Eye” has become a pop culture phenomenon, logging 7 seasons and two international specials set in Australia and Japan.

Queer Eye is executive produced by David Collins, Michael Williams, and Rob Eric for Scout Productions. Jennifer Lane serves as the showrunner and an executive producer. For ITV Entertainment, Jordana Hochman and Mark Bracero serve as executive producers with Kori Kingg serving as co-executive producer.

Watch the Season 7 Trailer Below:


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