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R&B Singer SZA Comes Out As Lesbian After Fan Speculates Her Sexuality

SZA comes out as a lesbian
Source: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

SZA is finally out and very unapologetic about it. The girls that knew, knew and the girls that didn't, didn't.

On Thursday (April 28), Solana Imani Rowe, known professionally as SZA interacted with fans on Twitter like always but this time, the tea was hot. A fan shared a screenshot of a TikTok video that labeled her a lesbian and SZA didn't deny it.

The fan boldly mentioned SZA, "Look what they saying about you".

SZA politely responded, "Its Not Wrong lol".

Check Out the Tweet Below:

Watch the TikTok Video Below:

Believe it or not, the rumors of the singer's sexuality started back in 2016, when the singer replied to another fan on Twitter discussing the movie, "Fences".

SZA responded to a fans quoted tweet of being the "sista to kill" Denzel Washington's character Troy. SZA had her own theory in mind if she played Rose,

" Like I respect her [Viola Davis character Rose] but also never felt more like being a lesbian".

Of course the tweet only received 14 retweets, 59 likes and instantly was swept under the rug.

Then in April of 2018, Kehlani's interview with Radio New Zealand gave fans an insight on how the singer Kehlani felt about her "friend" SZA.

“I think what’s so important to me about SZA right now is she is a beautiful, chocolate brown woman, who is like, taking over the planet right...And to see someone of her color and her stature, and looking how she looks, as extremely beautiful and talented as she is, winning, a hundred percent in first, I don’t think anyone can wish for anything more.... I think that’s just my favorite part. She’s very honest and vulnerable and is not afraid to be that, and stand in all of her truths in every single moment.”

Fast forward to Sept. 13th 2021, SZA was out showing public displays of affection with singer Kehlani. They were photographed walking side by side to Rihanna's Met Gala afterparty holding hands and the LGBT community had an up roar.

Photocredit: BackGrid

The R&B duo have been open about their loving friendship in the past, even making small appearances on each other's social media and stories. Kehlani even mentioned SZA on her IG live that the singer was suppose to be on her Album in 2020 but didn't have time.

"We wanted Sza to be on the album ! SZA was supposed to be on the album ! But we ran out of time, she was gotta respect when people is busy".

SZA continued to tweet freely about Kehlani every chance she got and even saying she loved her.

"Iss Kehlani making sure I had holy water n cascarilla for I left the house...Love u bug"

Still there was no indication that their relationship was anything more than platonic, even though Kehlani was the first one who came out as a lesbian in 2021 on her TikTok. The speculations between the two dating is for sure a thought now that they both are lesbians.

Rihanna's Met Gala showed us all a different side of both SZA and Kehlani, especially in their vehicle on the way home. Kehlani posted SZA on her story telling the viewers, "Don't speak to me or my girlfriend ever again. @Sza"

Kehlani then posted a picture of SZA again on her story with the caption, "My poison ivy" referencing the green dress SZA wore that night at the Met Gala while Kehlani dressed up as the villain Harley Quinn.

Rather they're holding hands or sub tweeting one another, we love to see it !

Gayes, are you ready for Kehsza or Szalani?


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