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Reality TV Show 'Hot Haus' Crowns Black Trans Woman Fantasia Royale Gaga as Season 1 Winner!

Reality TV just got a little hotter! In a new collaboration with Daddy Tv, OutTv's brand new project 'Hot Haus' is not your average reality tv program.

Hot Haus is a competition-based reality show exclusively comprised of queer sex workers and content creators. Each of the contestants enter the hot house and are tasked with a series of risqué challenges all in hopes of claiming the title of New Queer Sex Symbol and a $10,000 grand prize.

Hot Haus hosts a celebrity judge panel starring reality-tv maven Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Chicago-native rapper CupcaKke and Matthew Camp. Upcoming rapper Sevn Deep and queer content-creator Kash Dinero are a few of the hot contestants on the new hit show.

Topher Cusumano, the show's executive producer and showrunner, believes "sex workers, sex educators, and sex content creators are still marginalized and actively de-platformed and denied safe, legal, working environments"...

When asked about what makes Hot Haus so different from other reality programs he says, "With Hot Haus, we're trying to remove some of that stigma and amplify all of the beauty, diversity and talent that comes from queer, sex-positive creators".

This season, trans activist and former sex-worker Fantasia Royale Gaga was crowned as the winner and received a grand prize of $10,000 sponsored by Scruff. Fantasia Royale walked away with the title of new Queer Sex Symbol and plans to take it all around the world with her.

"I plan on advocating, spreading awareness and being that black trans representation that I didn't get to see on television growing up," she says.

Daddy Tv and Out TV are on a collaborative mission to change how queer folks are presented in the media.

Hot Haus will be casting for the season soon. Follow Hot Haus' Instagram for updates!


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