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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Contestants Announced, First Transgender Man Revealed to Compete

Courtesy of RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race is coming back January with season 13 and the cast is showing us why we love the show so much. VH1 announced on Wednesday that “RuPaul’s Drag Race” will return for Season 13 on New Year's Day with a brand new cast that features the show’s first trans man contestant.

Season 13 is reported to have been filmed over the summer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Competing safely and fiercely, our 13 queens proved that it takes more than a global pandemic to keep a good queen down," said host and executive producer RuPaul in a statement.

Check out RuPaul's Season 13 Queens below:

Gottmik - will be the first transgender man not to be confused with the first ever transwoman. In fact, RuPaul has had many trans people on the show including, Peppermint, Stacy Layne Matthews, Gia Gunn, Jiggly Caliente, Carmen Carrera, Kelly Mantle, Ilona Verley - with Peppermint becoming the highest placed transgender after the lip-synched her way to Top 2 in season 9.


Symone - (25) Originally of Arkansas, Symone describes herself as the black camp, the "black goddess whose come down from the earth to save all of you." She's been performing since age 18 and gets her influence from strong black women such as Whitney Houston, Rhianna, Tina Turner, Diana, Ross. Her style? Naked.


Denali - (28) The gorgeous Denali (meaning the Great One) will be using the elements and nature to highlight her performing skills along with her her ice-skating skills. She's only had 2 1/2 years of drag but she's had many years of high-trick ice-skating. She's the performance girl.


Lala Ri - (30) Atlanta, Georgia native is 3 years in the drag life. Lala loves to dance and entertain with a colorful style, but says that she is a woman of many talents. She revealed that she is most nervous about sowing and that the showing challenge should be interesting.


Elliott - (26) Elliot with 2 T's is coming from Las Vegas and giving us 80s showgirl vibes and has had 12 years of experience. She calls herself a high-end housewife meets Jennifer Lopez and like the "corporate" commercial style.


Joey Jay - (30) Joey Jay is all about the sparkle and glitter. Joey comes from Phoenix Arizona and will be one to look out for. He considers himself the "lipstick lesbian" in Phoenix. Joey says his drag style is very masculine and does not wear wigs. "The biggest misconception about me - You know, I don't know. Because the people who talk behind your back are behind you."


Kahmora Hall - (28) Kahmora hall got her name from Kimora Lee Simmons. Kahmora has drag blood as she is the sister of Season 12 winner Jaida Essance Hall and drag mother to Season 11 Soju. Kahmora is a glamourous, glitzy housewife with a style of class and grace.


Kandy Muse - (25) the Dominican New York queen is bringing a style that she considers, "loud". Her drag go-to is "hoe". This interesting character is one you have to see to believe. Kandy is the first Dominican contestant to compete on the show.


Olivia Lux - (26) From Brooklyn, NY. Olivia comes from the character Olivia Pope from "Scandal" due to her power and intelligence. Lux comes from the Latin word "light" for how Olivia Lux lights up a room. Olivia gives a sparkling, full package of whatever is bigger is better. Did we mention she is also a pianist?


Rose - (31) Rose describes herself as the quintessential New York showgirl and has a love for pink and rose. Seeing her reminds some of a pink colored Lady Gaga. Rose describes her styles as camp and glitzy.


Tamisha Iman - (?) Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Tamisha describes herself as an "old broom" and has grown up in the "cut-throat" beginnings of the drag world. She is also the House Mother of LalaRi. Her style is Haute Couture and is a trend setter.

She creates everything from her makeup, hair, clothes and hair. She says her most nervous point about the show is that she had 30 years on all the girls and is not in her prime anymore. Despite that, she wants the world to see her journey to know her legacy.


Tina Burner - (30) Tina Burner was inspired by Tina Turner who "rose from the ashes" and became an icon. Tina says that she's here to tell the new girls and their "YouTube makeup tutorials" to "sit down." She says that she's into "stupid drag" and to put on a show.


Utica Queen - "I shut down, get very depressed, and cry on the inside but also... the outside". For this queen, think of Tim Burton with color. She wants to bring out the farm life of her town of 290 people. Utica is a designer who draws and makes her own fashion. You can expect her 'to deliver something bizarre, ethereal, and downright crazy.


Con-drag-ulations to all the participants. We look forward to seeing the 2021 season and all it has to offe. May the best Queen win!

Will you #gayes be watching? Season 13 will be premiering Friday, Jan. 1 on VH1 at 8 p.m.

The after-show “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked” will premiere immediately after at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.


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