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Russian Man Claims His iPhone Made Him GAy, Sues Apple for $15K


Gayes, get ready to collect your coins because a Russian man identified as D. Razumilov has filed a lawsuit in Moscow’s Presnensky District Court on Wednesday against the tech giant Apple, alleging that the company’s products “drove {him} to homosexuality.”

According to the Moscow Times, the plaintiff claims he became “mired in same-sex relationships” after someone gave him “69 GayCoins” using an iPhone cryptocurrency app.

His lawsuit details that a user sent the gift with the following message: “Don’t judge without trying.”

“I can say after the passage of two months that I’m mired in intimacy with a member of my own sex and can’t get out,” he wrote in the complaint. “I have a steady boyfriend and I don’t know how to explain it to my parents.”

His lawsuit further claims that ever since he was turned gay it has caused him “moral suffering and harm to [his] mental health” and blames Apple for “manipulatively pushing [him] toward homosexuality.”

Razumilov is seeking one million rubles in damages, which $15,300 in U.S. currency.

Apple has not yet responded to the lawsuit. Razumilov is reportedly schedule to have a pre-trial interview scheduled for October 17.

#Gayes, if he wins, I’m collecting my check as well. Who’s with me?


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