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Saudi Arabia Executes Men Who Admitted They Were Gay Under Torture

This past month Saudi Arabia, who has one of the highest execution rates in the world has committed the largest mass execution in its history of 37 people, according to CNN. CNN has obtained reports of evidence that the majority of victims were sentenced to death in unfair trials. According to Daily Mail, the documents also speak of a Shia man who admitted that he had homosexual sex with four others of his 'co-accused'.

Saudi Arabia follows Shia Law which states homosexuality is punishable by death. This law has caused controversy before, since the Quran, which the people live by, actually does not say anything about homosexuality.

Abdulkareem al-Hawaj. Youngest of the executed at 21 years old. Obtained through CNN

Since the beginning of the year over 100 people have been executed, the Saudi government even put out an official list. Documents obtained by CNN account for 25 of the 37 people. Many were sentenced to prison without a lawyer and tried to fight the charges. There were complaints that the confessions that were made in court were either fabricated or produced under torture. One man was beheaded and then his body and head were crucified on a wall to be served as a warning to the public.

Hussein Mohammed al-Musallam, now executed, said, "Nothing in these confessions is correct and I cannot prove that I was forced to do it...But there are medical reports from the prison hospital of Dammam, and I ask your honor to summon them. They show the effects of torture on my body."

Crown Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Those injuries included a broken nose, collarbone and leg. Another victim named Munir-al-Adam said, "Those aren't my words. I didn't write a letter. This is defamation written by the interrogator with his own hand."

The United Nations has questioned the country about the actions, however Saudi Arabia noted that the trials were done properly and in the perseverance and protection of the country against terrorists and the like. There show no signs of change. Apparently, Brunei is not the only country known for its brutality.


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