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Shade War: Monét X Change VS Gia Gunn

Last week, the world was gagged when Rupaul crowned two queens, Monet X Change and Trinity The Tuck, in the 4th All Stars season of Rupaul's Drag Race. Gia Gunn, another competitor from the season, promptly left this on Trinity Taylor's victory photo on Instagram:

"You are amazing and the only winner in my eyes!" shading the co-winner, Monet.

Never one to shy away from throwing shade back, Monet promptly tweeted about her victory, promising Gia she would be enjoying her $100,000 reward. Then, all hell broke loose.

"Now you can go invest in some real looks" was Gia's response. And Ms. Monet was not. Having. It.

Madam X Change demanded that Gia take her own advice to "invest in a new personality." And Ms. Gia got defensive, saying Monet has "nasty looks" and is trying "to make other people look bad." Which is funny because Gia seems to do a good enough job of that on her own.

Gia then tried to turn the entire situation around like she wasn't the one who started it, trying to write off Monet as "catty, petty, and forever nasty." Fans have been defending both queens, with many saying that Gia way over stepped boundaries with her comments, while others say that Monet should have ignored that situation.

Monet Pointed out at Gia has a history of tearing down her "sisters," Monet included. She references a specific interview Gia did with Entertainment Tonight, in which Gia stated that Monet had "crusty makeup," "horrible fashion," and is "basically Bob The Drag Queen's shadow."


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