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State Attorney Greg Yorgey-Girdy Runs For Judge In Philadelphia As Their First Black Gay Candidate

Black gay lives still matter & State Attorney Gregory Yorgey-Girdy’s goal is to remind us of that. Yorgey-Girdy announced in February this year that he is running for judge for Municipal Court in Philadelphia.

With judicial elections around the corner on May 18th & the voting registration deadline on May 3rd, he could be the first openly gay Black man elected to judge in Municipal Court history.

If elected Yorgey-Girdy will have the power to set bail amounts. In Addition, he can use rulings to amplify issues, like criminal justice reform and decide the length of a sentencing.

The biggest problem in the black community is lack of representation in those places of justice. Yorgey-Girdy spoke with The Philadelphia Citizen and plans to change that.

“I am running for judge because I believe I would be an effective and outspoken advocate for a change to court culture that takes into account the red flags raised by the CURE report. I am committed to working toward a transparent and fair court system that celebrates diverse judges and staff and that inspires trust among those the court intends to serve”

Yorgey-Girdy is very transparent when it comes to Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Citizen stated that he first started his career for the City of Philadelphia as an Assistant City Solicitor in the Claims Unit .

He then joined the firm Potter Anderson Corroon LLP. Since 2012 , Yorgey-Girdy has advocated for his communities including LGBT+ and people of color in Philadelphia. He soon got involved in civic groups like PhillySetGo, Liberty City Democratic Club, West Passyunk Neighborhood Association, First District Police Advisory Committee and as a lead organizer for the Philly Queer March for Black Lives this year.


“These experiences taught me an important lesson: regardless of my age, regardless of my race and sexual identity, and regardless of the precious little free time I have available that’s not already devoted to family or work, I can make a difference.”

With some much hard work and dedicated, Yorgey-Girdy campaign endorsements took a turn for the good. According to his Twitter, he now has over 17 organizations working on his side. Including Philadelphia Democratic Party, The Victory Fund, PA State Representative, Malcolm Kenyatta, PA State Representative Brian Sims.

Behind every hard working man is a family to keep them going. On top of Yorgey-Girdy being a candidate for a public office and a full-time attorney, he’s also a proud husband to his partner Paul Girdy & loving dad to their children.

Yorgey-Girdy spoke with Out on how his family was created through the court system and part of why he stepped in to run for judge.

“My family was created by the courts...Anabella, Trevor, and Xander. We were sequestered from the courtroom at times because we wanted the best interest for our kids. Unfortunately, we lost one kid [to the system] because of all kinds of situations. I blame that partly on the courts because they weren't listening to us. We as foster parents at the time didn't have a voice.”

After winning the hearts of the courtroom, Yorgey-Girdy wrote an article on Gays With Kids to express how so many others could use his help.


“As a proud, Black, gay man and the father of three young, mixed-race children, I spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of world they’re growing up into...Following the election of Donald Trump, however, I grew concerned that the progress made on these fronts was in danger of being dialed back.

I decided I needed to do something. “

The Philadelphia Municipal Courts candidates include Yorgey-Girdy alongside Michael lambert, Barbra Thomson and George Twardy .


Casting your vote will give a new judge responsibility to determine which criminal cases goes to the Court of Common Pleas. Furthermore, preliminary arraignments and hearings. The new judge will also set and accept bail and give concerns on overcrowded prisons.

You can learn more about Yorgey-Girdy campaign and support by visiting

Gayes does Yorgey-Girdy have your vote?


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