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Super Bowl 2020 Airs Commercials With More LGBT Stars Ever in History, One Million Mom's Club Upset

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The biggest night of football took place last night. The 54th Superbowl took place in Miami with the San Francisco 49ers going against the Kansas City Chiefs with a star studded half time show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. But, viewers at home all look forward to the big commercials that come on air during this big event. This year more of the commercials are giving more of our favorite LGBTQ+ stars the spotlight. Here are some of the commercials that will be airing tonight

Celebrity couple, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will star in an Amazon Ad, where Ellen asks, "What did people do before Alexa?":

Lil Nas X will be appearing in a Doritos commercial, where he shows off his moves and rides down the Old Town Road one more time:

Non-binary star of "Queer Eye", Jonathan Van Ness stars in Pop Tarts commercial, where he shows us that Pop Tart fixed the Pretzel Problem.

Drag queens, Kim Chi and Miz Cracker from "RuPaul's Drag Race" star in a Sabra Hummus commercial, showing us how they #Howlmmus

Trans actress, Trace Lysette from, "Hustlers" and trans model Isis King from "America's Next Top Model" Star in a ballroom scene in a TurboTax commercial that declares "all people are tax people."

Bi-Sexual late night talk show host, Lily Singh, stars in a Olay commercial that emphasizes to, "make space for women".

While, this is great to see on TV, the "One Million Moms" club is once again triggered by these commercials. We reported on this group last year for their outrage about a Zola commercial that showed a lesbian marriage that aired on the Hallmark Channel. As you can see below, they created a petition of get rid of the Sabra Hummus commercial that starts Kim Chi and Miz Cracker.

According to the One Million Moms Club, the reason that they would like the commercial removed and created the petition is because, "normalizing this lifestyle is contrary to what conservative, Christian parents are teaching about God's design for sexuality."

While, they have the petition going around, the commercial is still being aired during tonight's big game and even after the game is over.

#Gayes, what are your thoughts about this?


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