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Tia Mowry Talks Reboots, Her First Kiss, Divorce & Dating On The Terrell Show, “Nobody’s In My DMs”

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The newest season of The Terrell Show is spilling the tea with our 90s sitcom Queen!

Things we didn’t know about our "Sister, Sister" has reached the surface. With her infamous laugh and side eye, Tia Mowry admits to having her first kiss on set with Marques Houston.

Believe it or not, her first kiss was a secret. Being only 14, she shared her parents didn’t allow the twins to date until the age of 18.

“This is probably their first time hearing this…Hi Mom , Hi Dad. I don’t even think my sister knows this,” she said.

The 37 min and 50 second YouTube video has already reached over 100K views in less than 24 hours. The chemistry between Terrell Grice and Mowry displayed on the show goes back to their friendship. Grice even appeared recently on an episode of her hit cooking and lifestyle series, "Tia Mowry's Quick Fix", hence why the actress was comfortable enough to speak on her divorce and dating life now.

"Dating...I'm that what's it called? I don't like that word. [Terrell: Well.. A grown single woman who is having fun?] - yeah, but I don't even know if I'm doing that. I've never dated (before my marriage), and I am not getting on no damn apps...I have nobody in my DMs."

Tia admits during the show to not only wanting to reboot "Sister, Sister" but she also shared the offer she received on the reboot of "The Game".

Her character on The Game, Melanie Barnett (aka Med School) was the first role she took apart from her twin sister, Tamara Mowry. Tia Mowry's goal for The Game was to prove to herself that she was no longer a child actress.

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"Growing up being a twin... society put pressures on you to kinda be the same person...but as we got older we started to evolve and grow into different people and at first it was very difficult because we were like, "How dare you think different from me" but we started to embrace each others we're at a great place."

Mowry also admits to being terrible at trivial games and this is where viewers got to see the personality of the real Tia Mowry along side an old friend who loves her for who she really is. The two laughed over Grice sharing he learned that he was a homosexual after watching "Seventeen Again" starring Mark Taylor, and how Tia was able to grow up in front of the cameras and still "make it out alive" as a child star.

"Because she whooped our ass (laughs)...but no for real my mom and my dad they didn't care about fame, meaning like stardom, celebrity - they cared more about integrity character and who you are as a person," explained Tia.

You can expect more of the now single, grown, child star focusing on her family, with her YouTube cooking show "Tia Mowry's Quick Fix" and her new natural hair care line," 4U" made for kinky, coily and textured hair.

Check Out The Full Episode below:

Gayes, what's your favorite Tia Mowry moment from the show?


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