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Titus Burgess Responds to Ellie Kemper's Apology for Being Crowned Queen of Racist Pageant as a Teen


Actor and singer Tituss Burgess is in support of his "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" costar Ellie Kemper after she faced backlash for being crowned queen of a racist beauty pageant with ties to the KKK as a teenager.

According to People, last week, photos taken in 1999 surfaced of Kemper being crowned the "“Queen of Love and Beauty” at the Veiled Prophet Ball (now called the Fair Saint Louis). The Veiled Prophet Organization was originally co-founded in the late 1800s by former Confederate officer Charles Slayback and other prominent white St. Louisans, who only permitted white people to participate up until 1979.

At the ball, a "Veiled Prophet" is alleged to have been chosen by a secret board of local elites. Afterward, the prophet chooses a "Queen of Love and Beauty" to present a gift to and dance with. Historically, the Veiled Prophet has been said to dress in a white klan-like hood and robe along with a pistol and rifle.

Kemper took to Instagram Monday (June 7) and apologized for her involvement, in which she also vehemently denounced racism and white supremacy.

Check Out Her Apology Post Below:

Her costar Titus Burgess recently responded to her apology by reposting on Tuesday (June 8), with the caption "I love my Ellie" and a heart emoji.

He then adds, "Oh, & P.S. Next time, just ask me, I’ll tell ya what to do."

Kemper replies in the comments with, "I love you Tituss,” alongside three heart emojis.

Gayes, can you forgive "Kimmy Schmidt" like Tituss?


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