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Transwoman Gets A New Vagina Made Out of Fish Skin

New technology elevates transgender sexual reassignment surgery to another level by constructing a vaginal canal out of fish skin. Maju Bezerrez, 35, is one of the lucky 10 brave women to have this risky procedure done.

Three hours of this surgery would be the epitome and odor free answer to several botched patient's prayers. Neovaginoplasty, wraps the genital skin with that of tilapia membrane and absorbs it into the body creating cellular tissue. Patient Bezerrez, 35, stated that she later encountered vaginal stenosis by being the fourth woman in Brazil to have this first time, experimental genital transgender work done.

After being botched, she then felt her vagina shortening prior to surgery; however, since the treatment discovery it has improved 10 brave trans women. Once sterilized, patients are able to walk and run with no pain. Feeling 100% complete, this newfound body part promotes two devices, one that has firmness of collagen and the other made from silicone. After the initial first six months, the healing can began as the penile outside skin becomes an indoor celebration.


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