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50 Cent Fan Confronts Young Buck Over Alleged Rumors of Sex with Trans Women in Video


The social media uproar over 50 Cent's Hollywood money loans continue, this time with the $300,000 debt that is owed to him by rapper Young Buck. One G Unit fan in particular recently to recorded an altercation when confronting Buck about his beef with 50 Cent in a grocery store.

When ignored, he then asked the question, "Is it true that you mess with trannies?". Buck and 50 used to be close friends and both did collaborations in the past, however the friendship built off rap faded when A video of Buck surfaced showing an unidentified trans woman performing oral sex on Buck. An exposed phone conversation was released as well.

Complex Magazine alleges she was offered $2,000 to take her posts down and since then, 50 also has been deemed trans-phobic for his comments toward Buck saying, "any man who dates a tranny is gay". Gayes do you agree or disagree?

Check Out the Video Below:


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