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5 Rising LGBTQ Artists You Should Know That's Killing the Fashion & Music Game!

Updated: May 21, 2019

We as LGBT writers, artists and designers have overcome so many obstacles in order for our voices to be heard. Fashion, beauty and art go together to create the most divine masterpieces. Despite all the problematic & homophobic lyrics, the rap/music game is a whole lot more inclusive than you thought they were. Here is a list of our favorite fashion trend setters and proud gay artists who are absolutely killing it right now.

Martel Star

Martel Star

Martel Star sizzled on the scene from rapping & acting in the hit web series, "Twisted". From his bright & colorful fashions & a attitude that captures our hearts, this Atlanta native is a chameleon when it comes to his effortless style. His bold and bright lyrics flow just perfectly to command our attention. Martel has done fashion shows for Atlanta based designer,Twisted Fabrik. As you can see, Martel loves a lot of prints & patterns.

Check Out Martel Below:



Sirre David

Alex D Rogers

Sirre David burst onto the scene acting on the hit web series Judys. He has also has had a slew of singles such as, " Vanilla Cream, & "Western Movie". Sirre David has always had a keen eye for fashion, photography, art and music. His fashion is a sense of street edge with cutting-edge runway style and it blends in with his music perfectly.

Check Out David on SounCloud Here.



Zebra Katz

Federico Gaston Cabrera

Zebra Katz has opened for Azelia Banks, Scissor Sisters & has even appeared on the Gorillaz' album Humanz. Zebra Katz has referred to himself as the "dark lord of the fashion world". This is the perfect title for someone with such an advant-garde, futuristic fashion sense. A lot of his style inspiration & influence comes from the New York ballroom scene.

Check Out Zebra Katz Below:


Brooke Candy

Gina Canavan

Brooke Candy's rap style & fashion sense is very luxuriant. She has a very unique and very boisterous style when it comes to thinking out of the box with your third eye. She has collaborated with Charli XCX & Azelia Banks. Her "club rap" house music style is amazing to dance to but distinctive in its own way.

Check Out Brooke on Spotify here.

Brooke Candy


Angel Haze

Angel Haze came out as transgender in February of 2015. In 26 years of life, Angel has lived through everything and she embodies the survival instinct that is implicit in queer art, something that reflects well in her impeccable fashion style. Angel's personal style has often been compared to late R&B singer Aaliyah, who was known for her baggy pants and crop tops.

Check Out Angel Below:

There are a lot of openly LGBT artists now, but things would be a whole lot better if the industry would not categorize our peers in that manner at all. Enjoy the music, all of which are great regardless of the artist's sexual orientation. Creativity, fashion, and talent should speak for itself. Inclusiveness is a big thing, not just in the world of fashion but also in the world of music and entertainment industry.


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