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Actress Niecy Nash Marries Singer Jessica Betts, Shares Surprise Wedding Photo

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Actress Niece Nash Marries Singer Jessica Betts during a surprise ceremony
Photo Credit: Twitter Via @NiecyNash

Black Twitter had a pride party on Monday after Niecy Nash came out on her wedding day. The actress tweeted, "Mrs.Carol Denise Betts #LoveWins " along with a surprise wedding photo of her and her wife, Jessica Betts.

The secret wedding took place outdoors, under a green tree draping in white and pink roses. According to the list guests included familiar faces like "Modern Family"'s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, "American Horror Story"'s Sarah Paulson and Queen Sugar Ava DuVernay. The famous actress, best known for her roles in Claws, Reno 911, and Scream Queens, found love with singer Jessica Betts. Nash took to Instagram and twitter to share the news, while Betts also shared her own message for her new bride on Instagram.

The actress sat down with Pride Source back in 2017 on her role in "Claws" and gave us her philosophy on the gay community before coming out this year. She also emphasized how black women are socialized to say, "don't do that"

"My philosophy now is that you can be whatever you want to be... whether you label it or not, your truth is your truth. And I don't wish to live a lie on anybody. I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy. And yes it can be challenging, but people who really love you and who are standing in support of you will be alright with it...This hits home for me and I pause to talk about it because its not fair for me to tell that part of that story."

Like Niecy, her wife Jessica Betts is no stranger to the LGBT community or entertainment industry. According to ET Online, Betts has worked with artists like K. Michelle during her Rebellious Soul tour in 2013.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In 2011, Jessica was inducted into the showcase of BET Music Matters artists. Betts also won the first and only season of the reality series The Road to Stardom With Missy Elliott in 2005. She even closed the BET Honors pre- show in February of 2014 and opened the Mid-Atlantic 'Rebellious Soul' tour in 2013 stated by IMDb.

Gaye Flashback:

Mrs and Mrs. Betts have been friends for a very long time according to Betts instagram. Its unclear when exactly the friendship started but back in 2016, Betts reposted a video from "Scream Queens" where Nash showed her support and her love for Jessica's music. "Jessica Betts is an artist that feeds your soul. Get into it. I love you, Jessica!".

Fast forward to Niecy in her "Claws" prime, the two appeared in a video together on Betts Instagram from the set of "Claws". Nash described Betts as her "homegirl." Later that same year, they shared another video of them singing Betts' song "Catch Me." "This woman of God, I'm honored and blessed in her presence. She's anointed an appointed," stated by the singer's caption at that moment.

Betts continued to show support before the wedding this year and shouted out Nash on her birthday in February. She reposted Niecy on her timeline in a sexy photo from a Lingerie shoot the actress took for her 50th bday.

It's safe to say that these two ladies always had true love and support for one another and tying the knot only sealed that deal.


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