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Angela Stanton Threatens Ashlee Marie Preston in Transphobic Rant After Filming Dr. Phil Episode

Updated: May 10, 2021

Content Warning: Discussion of transphobia and threats.

Yesterday, transgender media personality and activist Ashlee Marie Preston was asked to appear on Dr. Phil in hopes of “facilitating the healing process between a mother and trans daughter.”

The mother, conservative commentator Angela Stanton, and her daughter, who is transgender, are estranged because of Stanton’s inability to accept her daughter for who she is.

According to Stanton, she didn't request an appearance on the Dr. Phil show, however she agreed after a TV producer contacted her for a chance to settle her dispute with her trans daughter Jaybies.

Back in February, Stanton made this point clear in a series of Tweets: “I wake up daily thinking about how morals, values, and common sense are no match for societal norms.”

“Thinking about how I fought for my son (misgenders daughter) & sacrificed to raise him (incorrect pronoun). While his Dad was rotting in prison. Just for him to grow up and decide he wants to be a woman. Seriously wtf.”

“If you think your child is safe in today’s society you got another thing coming. What parent in their right mind wants their child lost? Dismembering their bodies in search of becoming something they’ll never be. How tf is that normal?”

She went on to claim gender dysphoria is being pushed by the government so that pharmaceutical companies can make more money.

Apparently, the conversation with Dr. Phil and Ashlee didn’t go well at all. Stanton proceeded to go on camera as she was leaving after the appearance.

“The show was supposed to be about me and my son (misgenders daughter) trying to find some type of resolution. They brought on another (transphobic word) to try to tell me how to be a parent.”

Ashlee responded to the video and Twitter exchange between herself and Stanton on Instagram.

“Who do they think takes care of trans and queer identified adults and youth when their families discard them? I may not be able to birth children, but I have mothered and mentored more people in this life than I can count. I have the stretch marks on my heart to prove it.”

Ashlee had this to say about Stanton: “I am not afraid of her nor her MAGA following. Given the onslaught of anti-trans legislation happening across the country, I’d say I’m just getting started.”

View Angela's Twitter Rant below:

Friends were quick to comment their outrage at Stanton’s comments and check on Ashlee and Stanton’s daughter’s wellbeing.

“How can we support her daughter? Is she safe?” Pose actor Indya Moore asked. Moore followed up with, “Also are you alright? Have you reported her Twitter account and Tweets?”

“Wow,” another Pose actor, Angelica Ross said.

TS Madison replied to Ross’s comment, “Same rhetoric as that other trash. That’s why I wouldn’t indulge in that conversation. This could easily turn in her favor by the phobes she panders to.”

Author Shan Boodram left Ashlee some words of encouragement. “Your grace and compassion is incredibly admirable.”

Gaye Magazine sends love and light to Ashlee Marie Preston as she overcomes Stanton's transphobic comments.

UPDATE - Watch Full Dr. Phil Episode Below:


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