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Actress Angelica Ross Dumps Lover After Learning About His Double Life on Twitter


Angelica Ross, mostly known for her former role as Candy on FX's "Pose" and her role as Nurse Rita on "American Horror Story: 1984", shared some photos of her and a new man in her life but quickly learned about his double life with the power of the internet.

Ross uploaded two photos of her and the man together and captioned them in a tweet saying, "Finally found him and have to distance myself from him.. an early test we're committed to passing. I miss you B"

But a day later after finding out that he has a child and currently engaged, she came back on to Twitter to say, "The internet is AMAZING. I’ve been talking to the mother of his son and fiancé all morning. #PlotTwist!"

Some people did not understand what was going on in the tweets, so a fan summed up the whole story and she added her confirmation by retweeting what this fan said and commenting, "Basically".

Ross was also planning on going live via Instagram and spilling all of the tea last night but she states after having a talk with #AmiyahScott she decided not to go through with doing the live. Instead she decided to go pray about it.

We are wishing Ross the best after this. #Gayes, what would you do if your lil boo thang was living a double life?


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