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Atlanta Selected to Host First-Ever Global Black Pride in 2024

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Global Black Pride declared Atlanta as the host city for its 2024 event, marking a historic first for the United States. The week-long celebration, slated to run from August 26 to September 2, is set to illuminate the city with festivities, activism, and a vibrant showcase of Black LGBTQ+ culture and heritage.

Global Black Pride stands as the premier Pride event exclusively dedicated to celebrating and uplifting Black LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. This year's event promises to amplify voices, experiences, and achievements of Black LGBTQI+ individuals on an unprecedented scale, offering a platform for unity, visibility, and advocacy.

Atlanta, known as the LGBTQ capital of the south, has long been recognized for its commitment to human rights and inclusivity. Malik Brown, the City’s Director of LGBTQ Affairs, expressed Atlanta's pride in being chosen as the inaugural host city for Global Black Pride in the United States.

"Atlanta proudly stands as the LGBTQ capital of the south and a champion for human rights, not only in our region but on a global scale," said Brown.

"We are honored to welcome the first-ever Global Black Pride gathering in the United States to the vibrant City of Atlanta."

As preparations for Global Black Pride 2024 get underway, anticipation is building among residents and LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. The event is poised to not only showcase Atlanta's vibrant spirit but also serve as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and progress toward equality and justice for all.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements as Atlanta gears up to host a historic Global Black Pride event that promises to shine a spotlight on the resilience, creativity, and strength of Black LGBTQ+ communities around the world.


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