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Animated Lesbian Character in Disney Movie Voiced By Lena Waithe Causes Uproar


Disney/Pixar's brand new animated film, Onward, made its way into theaters last week and prior to the release of the film, Disney had confirmed that there will be a lesbian character for the first time in an animated film, The character is a purple cyclops named, Officer Spector voiced by Lena Waithe and the response was not fully positive of course.

Onward is about two elf brothers who go on a journey to see if there is magic left for them to spend a last day with their dad because he died too young for them to actually remember him. During the movie, the viewers meet, Officer Spector who discusses helping to raise her girlfriends children.

Officer Spector says, "My girlfriends daughter got me pulling my hair out."

Getty Images

This inclusion in a Disney animated film made some folks triggered of course. On a national level, the infamous One Million Moms Club added their two cents about it on their website and like everything else they do not like, called for a boycott of the children's animated film.

The group claims, "There have been numerous attempts by Disney to indoctrinate children with LGBTQ agenda discretely and now more overtly."

Aside from just the One Million Moms club, the movie has also been banned internationally, all over one lesbian character. BBC News said according to reports they have found, the movie is banned by several Middle Eastern countries. Some of these countries participating in the ban are Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Also, Russia had censored the scene by not mentioning Spector's gender and changing 'girlfriend' to 'partner'.


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