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Anti-Gay, GOP Ex-Congressman Seen Making Out with Another Man at Coachella!

Aaron Schock (left) at Coachella. Picture provided by anonymous source of Queerty.

Coachella is known for bringing out celebrities, but not so much a congressman. Aaron Schock is an ex-congressman for the Republican Party. He is known for his firm Anti-gay stance in policies. According to lgbtqnation, Mr. Schock resigned from office due to allegations of him misusing campaign donations and taxpayer money to pay for things like lavish office renovations, luxury travel expenses, and tickets to Katy Perry concerts.

In 2014, journalist Isay Hod outed the congressman, saying that he had walked in on the congressman and the male roommate taking a shower together, however Schock himself has never come out. Isay commented on Aaron's Coachella activities saying,

“I think Aaron has a lot of explaining to do. While we are all sympathetic to the struggle of coming out of the closet, for years Schock was one of the most homophobic members of Congress, actively working against the community. I think he owes the LGBTQ community an apology before we embrace him as a private citizen.”

Instead of coming out of the closet he is more often seen out at gay bars, posing shirtless. During investigation of corruption charges, it was even reported that federal investigators were questioning whether the anti-gay lawmaker was actually dating his very close and attractive photographer.

Now Schock is out and about at Coachella. Queerty, posted a picture, now going viral, of the Republican party lawmaker making out with a man and then putting his hand down his pants to grope him.

A man named James Duke Mason, spotted the congressman at the Coachella and called him out on his "disgraceful" and "disgusting" actions of voting to enforce laws to silence gays while being gay himself saying,

“Normally I wouldn’t comment on something like this, but I am just infuriated by these images of former Republican (and anti-gay) Congressman Aaron Schock partying with a group of gay men at Coachella. The fact that he would think he could show his face in public, particularly when he has NEVER renounced or apologized for his votes against gay marriage, gays in the military and against anti-discrimination laws is astounding....My intention isn’t to out him or target him personally, but simply to point out the hypocrisy. I saw him at a recent gay social event in West Hollywood and shook his hand before I even knew who he was; he should really be ashamed of himself. And the gays who associate with him without calling him out should know better. It really is a disgrace.”

James's post was met with other eyed witnesses who backed his claim.

The reaction to Aaron Schock and his gay actions are met with split responses. Most are outraged by his contradicting actions. They demand for him to make a choice and an apology. Others comment that as his own person he can keep his actions to himself and should not be forced to come out and explain himself.


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