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Arrogant Tae and Rapper Toosii Deny Relationship Rumors

Arrogant Tae (Left) Toosii 2x (Right)

Arrogant Tae is best known for slaying wigs for some of our favorite celebs and social media influencers; with his most famous head to date being the Queen herself, Mrs. Nicki Minaj.

Don’t get it twisted though! Not only are the girls and the #gayes aware of Tae’s magic. Men in the industry have also been known to give him props. He recently got a shoutout from Chicago rapper Lil Durk in his song “Laugh Now Cry Later”. However, while everything professionally seems to be all good, Tae is currently in the headlines for a rumored affair with Rapper, Toosii.

Toosii is an upcoming artist with a few hits under his belt, including “Love Cycle” featuring Summer Walker. Rumors have been swirling social media about Arrogant Tae and him messing around, however both have denied the claims. The source of the rumor is unknown, however many people have referenced an old Instagram photo of Toosii and his mom, where Arrogant Tae commented “I love her” followed by a red heart emoji.

According to social media users, the two have been cool for a minute, but presumably, strictly platonic. Meaning, it really wouldn’t be too far fetched for Tae to have love for Toosii’s mom.

Earlier this year, Toosii tweeted “I fw arrogant tae dat nigga be doing tf out y’all heads”.

Following the claims, Toosii took to Instagram, letting it be known that the two are just friends, he even mentions how Tae is like a big brother to him.

Tae also responded to the rumors via his Instagram story, “On God, y’all gotta stop with these fake ass lies n rumors that shit so lame”

It all appears to be just rumors but we will be sure to follow this story and keep ya'll gayes posted. Let us know your thoughts on this one!


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