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ASAP Rocky Hangs Up On Tyler the Creator for Flirting with Him on IG Live [VIDEO]

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

#Gayes, we love a good #GayeMoment among the straights, and boy did we get a good laugh out of this!

ASAP Rocky and Tyler The Creator recently took to IG Live and their interaction immediately began with Tyler acting goofy with him making kissy faces and showing his outfit in the mirror.ASAP calls for Tyler to “stop trolling” after Tyler asks “what you wearing”.

However, Tyler doesn’t let up, quickly saying that he was just “lonely”.

In an effort to move the conversation along, ASAP asks if he could hear some of the new music Tyler has been working on.

“I’ll play something if you show me what you’re wearing,” says a grinning Tyler.ASAP Rocky responds with, “Now, I’m hanging up.”

Of course there back and forth was all fun and games but #gayes, we cant help but wonder if Tyler wants a piece, especially after his “suspect” antics with Rocky on Instagram.

Watch the video below:


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