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"Baby Boy" Actor Jamaica Ja'Toi Talks Lifetime Residuals, Overcoming AIDS & Rape with Ts Madison

Director John Singleton's story of Jody and Yvette in the culturally iconic movie "Baby Boy" starring actress Taraji P. Henson and R&B singer Tyrese Gibson, has certainly withstood the tests of time. The same rings true for Jamaica Ja'Toi, an openly gay actor who gained his notoriety with his hair salon cameo in the film saying, "$40!...squeeze my tiny ass up in this!"

In the scene he accepts a feathery, hot pink catsuit from Jody after negotiating him down to sell it for $35.

Ja'Toi's 30 second appearance is 'arguably the best scene in the history of modern cinema' according to "Baby Boy" fans.

Watch a Gaye Flashback Below:

In a recent sit-down interview during Ts Madison's 'Car Chat' segment on her Fox Soul variety talk show "Turnt Out with Ts Madison", Ja'Toi shared that when John Singleton asked him to do the role 20 years ago, he didn't think that the movie would become a culture classic.

"The coins are cute! I get the residuals for the rest of my life, yes I do, but I didn't think it's gone be a 'Set It Off, or 'Boyz in the Hood' or 'Soul Food'. Till this day [fans see me] when I'm in the store and I welcome it!"

Ts Madison then talked about Ja'Toi's relationship with the legendary director John Singleton, who passed in 2019 less than two weeks after suffering a stroke. Ja'Toi shared that that one day Singleton came to him and said, "I rock with you", and then asked him to be his assistant.

"So you can honestly say that John Singleton really loves you," asked Ts Madison.

"Yes, he called me Auntie."

Later during their 'car chat' conversation, Ja'Toi shared with Ts Madison why his relationship with John Singleton was so strong while working with him. He recounts that Singleton became worried after noticing he had frequent doctor appointments. Ja'Toi then revealed that he confided in Singleton that he had been "battling and dealing with AIDS for 23 years" at that time.

When Madison asked if it's easy for him to announce his HIV status, he simply said, "It is because I don't give a fuck."

"I can not live my life, I refuse...if you don't like my peaches then don't shake my mother fuckin' tree," Ja'Toi continued.

Before their segment concluded, Ja'Toi revealed his survival of being raped at gunpoint in 2012, hoping that his story will "touch one person".

"It was brutal. It damaged me severely, and because of that, I think I contracted HPV, the cancer. They sent me to anal cancer, and I was in pure turmoil hell. And I'm just now finding my happy. I didn't let nothing stop me and people fall down, but don't lay there!"

Watch the Full Interview Below: (Start Time 5:18) Catch up on the full season finale of "Turn Out with Ts Madison" here.


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