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Black, Gender Inclusive Brand K.NGSLEY Launches COLLECTION 2: K.NGSLEY'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS

Exclusive | Fashion & Beauty

New York-based fashion brand K.NGSLEY recently launched their sophomore release: COLLECTION 2: K.NGSLEY’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS

Independently created and founded by fashion designer Kingsley Gbadegesin, K.NGSLEY focuses on uplifting Black, queer, and femme bodies. Starting in 2020, the stylish, contemporary label boasts an impressive clientele worn by the likes of Lil Nas X, Zaya Wade, Bretman Rock, Natalia Bryant, and Issa Rae.

COLLECTION 2: K.NGSLEY’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS was a private lesson seated at the Public Hotel. Kingsley Gbadegesin, 30, debuted 30 looks touching on various Kingsley-isms like mixing masc and femme energies (seen in sultry tanks mixed with carrot-shaped twill cargos), everyday/office wear (oxford shirting and denim pieces with signature cut-outs), and introducing elevated textiles in plush wool boucle and houndstooth/chenille hybrids (produced at the same mills that produce Chanel’s classic tweed) in a K.NGSLEY way.

The collection, which took nine months to fully realize, references the everyday uniform while further exploring the full head-to-toe K.NGSLEY fantasy - a complete wardrobe with youthful styling with the “RIIS” deconstructed rugby polo, Oxford “Get It” shorts that substituted as boxers on denim twill cargos paired back to black calfskin “Clandestine” boots, and the crowd favorites, the “BUSHWICK” insignia sweatshirts and “MIND.BODY.HOLE” hoodies.

Guests and buyers praised the collection for its desire to make a “cool look” from closet staples while adding the charm of his community in his work. 

“I want to make sure our clothes can do more for you, and be an easy transition from your 9:00am - 5:00pm to your 5:00pm - 9:00am without lacking quality and making you feel it when you put them on,” Kingsley tells us.

What’s the main message you want others to receive from this newest collection? 

"The evolution of where we’ve been and a testament to staying true to what you do, what you are, and your pace. 

Yes, the collection is called K.NGLSEY’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, but if you’re able to take a step back and look at it as a collective, you can really see it as a community in the casting and storytelling."

What’s the meaning behind the name K.NGSLEY’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS? 

"It’s a double entendre in a way. It’s doubling down on community [and] the storytelling of what the girls look like. Feel it. Love it. All the things. It’s also letting any other person know there is a place where you belong."

What are some of your favorite things about the new collection? 

"The growth and the highlight of everyday office wear. For me, your clothes have to be able to do more for you.

I’m happy I’ve been able to articulate clothes with a limp wrist."

What makes the K.NGSLEY brand liberating, particularly for Black, Queer communities? 

"At the end of the day, it’s a feeling. The feeling is pussy cunt. 

The biggest joy has been the empowerment, especially from Black people, that [people] feel when they’re in the clothes. They do have this place where they can just get their basics, it’s for them by them. It’s a girl world." 

At the core of Kingsley's self-made fashion label is a palpable sense of communal empowerment. K.NGSLEY is truly a haven for those looking to express themselves in versatile ways and most importantly without restriction. Although the fashions continue to evolve as evident by this latest collection, the K.NGSLEY brand will always be for the Gayes (or in this case the Girls)!

Collection 2 Act 2 is now available to shop at, SSENSE, Nordstrom, ModaOperandi, and more.

View more from K.NGSLEY’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS below:


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