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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Recent Haircut Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Sparks Wave of Backlash

Chicago’s first openly gay Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, has come under much criticism after getting her hair cut during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lightfoot’s “Stay Home. Save Lives” promotion initially raised concerns as the Chicagoan was seen driving around the city telling residents to go home and be safe.

During COVID-19, many Americans are left to do their own hair and self-pamper because of social distancing practicing.

The Chicagoan unhesitatingly got her cut, seen in her recent post. Some appoint the mayor’s hair choice as a reflection of privilege and access. Regardless of African Americans attributing to over 70% of the deaths from this coronavirus pandemic; Lightfoot maintains a strict regiment of self-care during the crisis. Recently, a photo of Lightfoot initially was utilized as a meme humorously pointing out her hair style and unique facial expressions.

“The Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot thinks it’s ok to do a Q and A on not Getting nonessential things done but she got her hair done and she’s not sorry” one mentioned.

Another said, “Well at least Lori Lightfoot is having a good hair day #Mondaymood

The View commented on the hair change and the mayor’s choice. Yet, the wave of backlash continues as many discuss the mayor’s access to and use of non-essential services.

One supporter stated, “You ladies need to fact check your info first!.

@LightfootForChi Mmayor Lightfoot DID NOT get her hair done at a salon!. She had a stylist come to her home to style her hair with using masks and gloves!. Astonished face.”

As more developments and discoveries are made about the coronavirus, Lightfoot is stylish regardless of the circumstances. The Chicago Mayor continues to support her community and practices self-care along the way.


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