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Disney Releases Their First LGBT Short Film, “Out”

Pixar released its 1st LGBT short film this Friday on Disney+."Out", starring two gay lead characters, is directed by Steven Hunter and left viewers in tears. Greg and Manuel are in love and decided to move in together but Greg still needs time to come out.

This nine-minute short film took a huge turn when an unexpected guest pops up at their doorstep. Disney+ takes you inside the world of a LBGT couple where decisions are made that could make or break their relationship.

Rumors of same sex relationships in Pixar animation films surfaces back to 2016 in "Zootopia" where two same sex antelopes were in close proximity. As we previously reported in February of this year, the film "Onward" was banned in several countries after Lena Waithe character, Spector, mentioned her girlfriend.

My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out,” says Spector ,when asked about the difficulties of being a stepparent. Needless to say Pixar's SparkShort film, "Out" is definitely out and proud, according to Disney's instagram caption. #Gayes, have you watched?

Watch “Out” Full Trailer


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