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Don't Forget! RuPaul Only Does Drag if he is Paid, Where's Pink Suit to Met Gala!

RuPaul: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

If you were alive on Monday, we're pretty sure you tuned in for the over-the-top '"Camp: Notes on Fashion" themed Met Gala. Attendees included Cardi B, Ciara, Kim Kardashian and more. Yet, one thing that was peculiar was the "Queen of Queens" himself, Ru Paul, did not attend the event dressed in drag.

Many Ru fans were a bit shocked to see that he did not come in Drag, especially since this is his first Met Gala. He walked the red carpet wearing a very vibrant pink and black zebra-stripped suit. RuPaul believes every ensemble is its own style of drag since we're all born naked.

According to Marketplace, RuPaul stated in an interview that the only time he dresses in full drag is if he's getting paid.

"I do it, if somebody is paying me I'll do it..........If somebody’s ready to throw down some serious cash, I am there," said RuPaul.

His last red carpet drag appearance was in 2012 when he performed at Mardi Gras in Sydney Australia. Before that it was a book signing in 2007 and in 2004 at the Dance Music Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony.

Even though RuPaul does not dress in drag frequently, he states he still has an image to maintain which takes money and time to master. On his podcast, What's The Tee, RuPaul shared that he has been invited to the Met Gala as quest for brands but they wanted him to attend in drag. In recent years, RuPaul has received awards and hosted DragCon and related events mostly in designer suits.

Though Ru didn't come in drag, drag was still definitely in attendance at the Met Gala by other attendees. Previous RuPaul's Drag Race winner Violet Chacki attended wearing Moschino and Aquaria in Maison Margiela. Actress and producer, Lena Waithe, paid tribute toblack drag quuens by wearing a pin-striped pantsuit that read, “Black Drag Queens Invented Camp.”


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