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Donald Glover & Lakeith Standfield Kiss for Shoes in New Episode of "Atlanta"

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Gayes, if you haven’t been tuned in to Atlanta, then now’s the time! What would you do for new-release shoes worth $10K? Would you kiss your homie for 2 minutes?

Well, in a recent episode of Atlanta, Earn (Donald Glover) & Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) showed us exactly what they’d be willing to do!

Episode 6 of Season 4 showcases the duo planning to buy a rare pair of sneakers from the "Shoe Man". When asked, "how much for the shoes," the shoe man replies: "none really, just let me see yawl two kiss in the backseat."

Darius responds rather positively as if it's a walk in the park however Earn is completely against it, at first.

Check out their smooch below:


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