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Dwyane Wade Shares How He Promised Himself He Would Love Unconditionally as a Parent

Screenshot: I Am Athlete Podcast

Former NBA player Dwyane Wade continues to use his voice as a vessel to empower parents with LGBT children. As we previously reported, Wade’s transgender daughter Zaya Wade has been making headlines due to Wade publicly acknowledging the challenges he had to overcome since she came out to him at 12-years old.

In a recent conversation on the “I Am Athlete” podcast, Wade shares candidly that he promised himself that when he decided to become a parent, he was “going to love unconditionally”.

“When it comes to my kids and whoever they’re gonna become or whoever they’re going to be, I don’t care. All i want them to do is to be happy in life and to be themselves throughout the process of life.”

Watch a Snippet Below:

His words ring true, as for Wade’s support and unconditional love for his trans daughter Zaya, has allowed her to live happily and inspire both trans kids and adults.

Gayes, let’s hope that all parents navigating the challenges of raising LGBT kids follow the footsteps of the Wade family. But, how long will the conversation of loving a human being you gave life to regardless of their sexuality need to be had?

Watch the Full Podcast Below: (Start 46:00)


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